Economic topics in Sociology

Economic topics in Sociology

In this webpage, you will find additional visualizations complementing my and my co-author´s paper:

  • 2016 Daoud, Adel and Kohl, Sebastian, How Much Do Sociologists Write About Economic Topics? Using Big-Data to Test Some Conventional Views in Economic Sociology, 1890 to 2014. MPIfG Discussion Paper 16/7 (peer-reviewed) the paper.

This is still a working paper, which means that results might change. Below you will find the most recent statistical estimations about the topical orientation of sociology journals for the topics: economic (political economy) and organization/social-theory (the new economic sociology). Additionally, I am building a Shiny app where you will be able to produce customized versions of the heat-maps used in the paper - see below for examples. I expect to release this app by the summer of 2016

Journals´ economic orientation

Journals can be more or less oriented towards economic topics. This graph captures the additional (average) probability of this orientation. Journals above the zero-line are more oriented towards economic topics than journals below this line. Acta Turistica has the highest economic orientation, and Analise Social the lowest. The zero-line is the sample average. The confidence interval describes the statistical certainty.

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Scholars´ topical orientation

Each scholar has a topical orientation. The substantive issues that interest him or her. The heat-maps below outline the probability score for each scholar and his or her articles. These articles are restricted to what the scholar has published and that is available with JSTOR between 1891 and 2014 (December). I am building a Shiny app where you will be able to customize these output for your favorite scholar. I expect to release this app by the summer of 2016

My two publications in JSTOR

These two publications have a clear orientation towards the topics economic and social theory. According to our paper, this fits the economic sociology profile.


Some of the most prolific scholars in the field of economic sociology and political economy

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